Lawyer: “Highlander (54) killed ex-girlfriend (51) in psychosis”

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Christian van Dijk

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Lawyer: “Highlander (54) killed ex-girlfriend (51) in psychosis”

Ron K. (54) from Hoogland, suspected of manslaughter of his 51-year-old ex-girlfriend Wilma de Jager, committed a crime passionnel according to his lawyer.

K. is participating in all investigations and has confessed to killing his ex-girlfriend, according to his lawyer Christian van Dijk. ,, There is talk of a cooperating and confessing suspect, who provides detailed insight into the way in which the victim died. When I look at the story my client has told the police at various times, my conclusion is that there was a psychosis or sudden impulse or anger. A pure example of a crime passionnel. ”

According to suspect Ron K.’s lawyer (54), he had no intention of killing his ex-girlfriend Wilma de Jager when she came to his home on the Hoge Geeren in Hoogland on 14 December to to talk about their relationship.

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